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Parshas Beshalach-Summary, Torah Or, Likkutei Sichos, Video Shiurim; Halachos

Post Views: 20 Parshas Beshalach-Summary of Parsha 1) Bnei Yisrael journey after leaving Egypt: 2) Pharaoh chases after Bnei Yisrael: 3) Bnei Yisrael realize they are under attack by the Egyptian army: Click Here Parshas Beshalach-Parsha Bee Not Available Parshas Vaeira-Parsha Insights Not Available Parshas Beshalach-Mamar Torah Or The purpose

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Shabbos Shira

Post Views: 555 Shabbos Shira: A. Standing for Shira:[1] The custom is to stand for the reading of Shira. B. Zeicher/Zecher:[2] There is dispute amongst Poskim[3] as whether one is to read Zeicher Amalek or Zecher Amalek. Practically one is to read both dialects.[4] By the reading of Parshas Zachor

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Minhagei Yartzite for Yud Shvat

Post Views: 76 Minhagei Yartzite for Yud Shvat From a letter of the Rebbe printed in Igros Kodesh 4:143 Aliyah: On the Shabbos prior to the Yarzeit, each Chassid should attempt to receive an Aliyah to the Torah.[1] Not enough Aliyos: If there are not enough Aliyos available, the Torah should be read [a number of times] in

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