Lifecycles in Halacha Vol. 1-Pregnancy & Birth




This book is the first in a series of books in Jewish law relating to lifecycle events. Whether it be lifecycle events such as pregnancy, or birth, or a Bris, or Pidyon Haben Upsherinish, Bar and Bas Mitzvah, or engagement and wedding, all these topics have a wealth of information in Jewish law and philosophy, of which the desire to know is impeded due to lack of available information. The purpose of this series is to detail all of the various common laws, customs, and traditions that are associated or faced during any of the above lifecycle events, so the reader will feel confident in what he is to do, and feel guided throughout these special life moment to perform matters according to G-d’s will and Jewish tradition. In this current volume, which is the first of our series, we will focus on pregnancy and childbirth, including laws relevant to the mitzvah of having children, various customs related to the pregnancy stage, including the Nida laws relevant to pregnancy, birth, and after birth. Laws relating to the birth itself, including a Shabbos birth, will be discussed in detail. Likewise, all the customs and laws relevant to after the birth will also be discussed, including laws and customs relating to naming the child and nursing.

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