The Chassidishe Parsha Torah Or-Likkutei Torah


English literature available on Chassidus has increased tenfold throughout the years, having us witness a real breakthrough in this regard. Hundreds of classical Chassidic texts have been translated and annotated by renowned writers and publishers.

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The monumental work of Tanya has been translated, explained, and disseminated in English throughout all corners of the globe. Nonetheless, we find that one of the greatest works of Chassidic thought has not yet found its way onto the English bookshelf, the Mamarim of Torah Or and Likkutei Torah of the Alter Rebbe. These works are considered to be the Oral Torah of the Tanya and are hence complementary to it. The Mamarim of Torah Or and Likkutei Torah are the foundation of most of the Mamarim of Chassidus of all the later generations. One of the reasons for the lack of an English counterpart for this Sefer is because of its great depth and advanced Kabbalistic jargon. It is our great honor to offer the English-speaking public the first full English counterpart for the great, illustrious works of Torah Or and Likkutei Torah. The Sefer includes a single Mamar per Parsha, which is summarized, explained, and brought into practical application for the reader. The Mamarim are not a direct translation of the Hebrew original, but rather a content summary of the Mamar. At times, due to the extended length of a certain Mamar, we may only summarize a certain section of the Mamar, and not the Mamar in its entirety. Each Parsha features a single selected Mamar from amongst the many Mamarim that are printed in the Hebrew original, giving our readers a taste and glimpse of the full content of this monumental work. Our main goal is for the reader to receive the content knowledge of the most fundamental Mamarim written by the Alter Rebbe, and for him to be given the tools for how to implement this knowledge within his daily life. Each Mamar concludes with a lessons box that summarizes the practical life lessons that we can derive from the Mamar. Also included are interesting parables that we find easy to relate to and help us to digest the content being studied, and internalize it. It is our heartfelt prayer that the Mamarim in this Sefer will uplift your spiritual experience and give you spiritual hope, faith, love, and trust in Hashem, being the light that illuminates your relationship with G-d.

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