The laws & Customs of the Pesach Seder




The night of the Seder is one of the oldest and most cherished Mitzvos amongst world Jewry. There is no greater proof for this than the thousands of editions of Hagadah’s which exist and have been printed throughout the ages. Many Rabbis and sects publish their own edition of Hagadah’s to be used by their followers, so no custom be unknown or overlooked. Famously, the Rebbe published his own Hagaddah with a scholarly encyclopedic commentary. All in all, however, all these editions are not thorough Halachic works on the Seder night, but rather a commentary on the stanzas of the Haggadah and a guideline for the steps of the Seder. For example, many Haggadah’s do not go into the reasons behind the steps of the Seder, or its detailed laws. Certainly, they avoid delving into detailed Halachic questions, such as may one have a drink, or a coffee after Kadesh, or nibble on some food then as well. The vast majority of the detailed Halacha’s and surrounding Halachic questions are lacking from all these Haggadah’s. Wouldn’t it be great then to have a detailed book that focuses on all the actual Halacha’s relating to the Seder, their background and reasons, accompanied with the variety of opinions, customs, and practical Q&A. Wouldn’t this be even more complete if it contained all the Chabad practices as well as detailed nuances followed by the Chabad Rabbeim? And wouldn’t it be even more complete if it contained the story of Pesach from Chumash and Mefarshim, to help you fulfill your Mitzvah of Vehigadeta Lebincha! Well, guess what, its finally here! A 330 page encyclopedic work of all the Halachic details of the Seder and its Mitzvos with hundreds of practical Q&A, in the treasured style of Rabbi Goldstein’s all-encompassing Halachic works.

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