The laws of Kibbud Av Va’eim: Honoring one’s Parents




The purpose of this book is to compile all the directives and practices from the Poskim regarding the Mitzvah of Kibbud Av Va’eim. Honoring one’s parents is one of the basic values of a society in general and of the Jewish religion in particular, featuring as the fifth of the 10 Commandments. In addition, we are also commanded to fear our parents. The concept of honor is subjective based on societal background and personal perception which has been gained through exposure and experience. However, in Jewish law we find very specific guidelines, rules, and laws relating to this mitzvah that surpass a societal subjectiveness and apply across the board towards all children. In this book we will explore the following questions according to Jewish law: What are the things that a child is obligated to do for his parent out of respect and honor towards them? What matters of behavior are required to be followed by a child towards his parent in fulfillment of this command? Are there any limitations towards the amount of honor and respect which we must show our parents? Do parents have any limitations and regulations as to what they can request from their child? Are there any other relatives that one is required to give extra respect other than parents? All this and more are explored throughout our title in great detail, citing all the sources and variety of opinions that may exist on the subject.

The following is the content contained within each chapter:

  1. Chapter 1: General Mitzvah And Obligation
  2. Chapter 2: Who Is Obligated To Honor And Fear Their Father And Mother
  3. Chapter 3: Honoring Relatives Other Than Parents
  4. Chapter 4: The Mitzvah To Fear One’s Parents And Its Included Obligations
  5. Chapter 5: The Mitzvah To Honor One’s Parents And Its Included Obligations
  6. Chapter 6: Listening To One’s Parents & Obeying Their Wishes
  7. Chapter 7: Hitting And Medically Treating Parent
  8. Chapter 8: Honoring One’s Parents After Their Death
  9. Chapter 9: Rules For Parents
  10. Chapter 10: Honoring Teachers, Rabbis, Torah Scholars, & Elders
  11. Appendix 1-Summary Of Shulchan Aruch [Michaber & Rama]
  12. Appendix 2-Summary Of Rambam Mishneh Torah
  13. Appendix 3-Summary Of Miseches Kiddushin

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