The laws of Shemita




Every seven years in the land of Israel the Jewish people excitingly prepare for one of the most interesting and novel time bound Mitzvos available today, the laws of Shemita. Whether you are somebody who runs a farm, or simply own some trees in your backyard, or have plants or a garden, there are many detailed laws that you need to know regarding how to upkeep your land/garden/plant during the Shemita year, the restricted activities, the permissibility to eat the produce, and the need to make it available for the public to eat. Furthermore, even if you do not own any plants gardens or fruit trees, the simple consumer in Israel during the Shemita year needs to be aware of the various Rabbinical supervisions available for Shemita produce and the differences between them, such as for example if one may one rely on what is called Heter Mechirah. In the event of them buying produce that grew during the year of Shemita, known as Otzer Beis Din, they must be aware of how to treat this produce and know the restrictions and limitations of eating it.? Last but not least, this book contains a chapter that is relevant for all Jewry even of the Diaspora, dealing with the laws of Shemitas Kesafim, abolishing debts that took place prior to the Shemita year and the details of a Peruzbal. Interestingly, the laws of Shemita are not found in the Shulchan Aruch, and therefore alternative sources had to be used to compile a final ruling regarding the subject. The laws dealing with Shemita in this book have been compiled from a variety of sources, being heavily based on the rulings of the Rambam, with the final arbitrations for today’s times taken from the Gedolei HaPoskim, including the Peas Hashulchan, Ridbaz, Chazon Ish, Rav Avraham Chaim Na’ah, the Sefer Minchas Yerushalayim, Toras Hashemitah. The laws dealing with Shemitas Kesafim have been compiled from the Shulchan Aruch of the Alter Rebbe, together with the rulings of the Achronim.

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