The Pesach Seder-Summary & Handbook




It is with great thanks to the Almighty that we present to you this short booklet which contains a quick summary of the necessary laws of the Pesach Seder, especially focusing on the directives applicable during the Seder itself. The purpose of this booklet is for it to be used as a reference guide during the Seder itself, to look up the detailed directives before each part of the Seder and it is hence advised to be kept in one’s Pesach cabinet free of Chametz, so it can be used on the Seder table. The sources have been allocated from the Shulchan Aruch Harav, Chabad Custom, and from the many works of the Achronim. Detailed sources can be found in our corresponding Sefer on the laws of the Pesach Seder, and the referenced sources [i.e. Chapter 3 Halacha 5] refer to it. Due to the concise nature of this booklet, we have not included all opinions, customs, and reasons in the laws mentioned here, and further information can be gleaned from our corresponding book.

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