The Weekly Parsha Summary




The intent of this book is to serve as a general outline and summary of the topics discussed in each Parsha together with their crucial details. It is meant to be used for quick reference and as a review tool of the weekly Parsha. How many of us sit through the weekly Torah reading in Shul on Shabbos but have no knowledge of its content? How many of us have sat by our Shabbos table wanting to say something regarding the Parsha, but can’t seem to remember its content? How many of us have children who need to study for a Parsha test but are too overwhelmed by the amount of material required to review. While many scholarly books of translations of the Chumash have been printed and made available to the English-speaking public, flipping through a Chumash with or without a translation, is a long and mentally tiring task. How great would it be to have a general summary and outline with topics and subtopics available in front of us as a quick reference and reminder of what the Parsha speaks about? Well, it’s finally here! An outline and summary of the entire Chumash, one Parsha at a time, split in accordance to Aliyos, with an enumeration of the Mitzvos found in each Parsha, the amount of verses it contains, and the weekly Haftorah. Last, but not least, this Sefer will help Jews world over to fulfill one of the basic Biblical commands of Torah learning which includes an obligation upon all males to study and become an expert in the content of all the Parshiyos in the Torah.

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