Topics in Practical Halacha Vol. 2




This Sefer is the second volume of the practical Halacha series which provides the reader with a clear summary of selected practical Halachic subjects in Orach Chaim, Yoreh Deah, Even Haezer, Choshen Mishpat. Many subjects in Halacha are obscure, complex and filled with a variety of opinions, which at times leaves even the Torah scholar confused as to the outcome of the laws. This book is the first in a series to tackle various practical Halachic subjects in a concise and clear manner, leaving the reader certain as to the application of the final law. A wealth of footnotes gives the reader all necessary background, reasons and variety of opinions so each topic can be studied in its full breadth, and give the reader encyclopedic style knowledge of the given topic.

Over 100 interesting topics have been selected from the four sections of Shulchan Aruch, as stated above. Some of the featured topics are: Saying Modeh Ani; Cotton Tallis Katan; Covering the Tefillin Shel Yad; Drinking during Davening; Standing for Kaddish and Barchu; Lifting the eyes during Kedusha; Tachanun when a Chasan is in Shul; Leaning on a Bima; Kissing in a Shul; Drinking during a meal of bread; Blessing on Twizzlers; Tortilla wrap; lemons; Davening Mincha past sunset; Blessing children on Friday night; Peeler on Shabbos; Salting salad on Shabbos; Biscuits with words engraved on them; Chametz that is stuck in cracks; Pesach Barbecue-Does Charcoal require a Hashgacha for Pesach; Beginning the Seder prior to nightfall and after midnight; Taking a shower on Yom Tov; Hashgacha on baby formula; What makes a food Fleishig; Pas Akum; Kashering new pots; Tevila to electrical appliances; Closing off a window; Celebrating thanksgiving; Yoga; Tattoos; Crossdressing; Maaser money to pay tuition; At what age is a man to get married; Who is a Jew; Ultrasounds/sonograms during pregnancy: Extending greetings to a woman; Affectionate touch of relatives: Public affection: Married woman covering every strand of hair; Yichud with a woman whose husband is in the city; How much money is the Kesuba worth; Pressuring a borrower to pay back a loan; Entering another person’s property without permission; Mekach Taus-The Torah’s Return policy on spoiled food products; Severance pay-Pitzuyim; Gambling; Feeding street animals; Hitting one’s children; Purchasing Life insurance

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