Shabbos-Daily Chitas [Chumash, Tanya] & Rambam Summaries [18th Adar 5783]

Shabbos, 18th Adar 5783/March 11, 2023


Parshas Ki Sisa-Shevi’i

  • Hashem told Moshe to write the above words.
  1. Moshe returns with the second Luchos and a shining face:
  • Moshe was with Hashem for 40 days and nights. He did not eat bread or drink water, and he wrote on the Luchos the ten commandments, the words of the covenant.
  • Moshe descended the mountain with the two Luchos in his hand and he did not know that his face radiated due to that Hashem spoke to him. The Jewish people saw the radiance on Moshe’s face and they feared approaching him. Moshe called them and they came and Moshe commanded them all that he was told by Hashem on Har Sinai.
  • When Moshe completed speaking with them, he placed a mask on his face. When Moshe came to speak with Hashem he would remove the mask until his departure, and then go command the Jewish people that which he was told. The Jewish people would see the radiance on Moshe’s face. Moshe would return the mask to his face until his next meeting with Hashem.

Tanya middle of Chapter 35 

1.       The meaning of the divine presence residing in a certain item:

  • A revelation of G-d in the item: The meaning of that the divine presence resides on a certain matter means that there is a revelation of G-dliness and infinite light of G-d within that item.
  • The item is completely nullified to G-d: For this to occur, the item must be completely incorporated and nullified in its existence to G-d, is only then can the oneness of G-d reside within it and reveal Himself within it.
  • Lack of nullification the G-d prevents revelation of G-dliness: However, whatever is not completely nullified in its existence to G-d, it is not possible for the light of G-d to shine and be revealed within it.


2.       The reason the divine presence cannot intrinsically reside on even a complete tzaddik:

  • Even a complete tzaddik who attaches to G-d with great love cannot truly grasp G-d who is beyond comprehension, which refers to His complete unity and that nothing but Him exists. Accordingly, it is not possible for the tzaddik who is a separate existence who loves G-d, and is not a complete nothing, to properly grasp G-d at all.
  • Thus, the light of G-d does not dwell even on the complete tzaddik unless he fulfills the mitzvos, which is the will and wisdom of G-d that does not contain any concealment of Him.


3.       G-d resides in the world of Atzilus through the level of Chochmah:

  • It is explained in the works of Kabbalah, that the infinite light of G-d only unites within the world of Atzilus first through investing itself in the attribute of Chochmah.
  • I heard from my teacher the Maggid of Mezritch that the reason for this is because the true oneness of G-d is that He is the only existence and nothing else exists but Him which is the level of Chochmah.

Rambam, Hilchos Eidus, Chapter 6: 


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