Sharpening knives on Erev Shabbos

Sharpening knives on Erev Shabbos:[1]

One is to beware to sharpen the [kitchen and eating] knives every Erev Shabbos, as preparing oneself for eating is included within the honor of Shabbos.[2] In addition, [at times] one needs to sharpen the knives for the sake of Shalom Bayis [marital harmony], such as if the blade has dulled and one is unable to cut with it.[3] [Some Tzadikim were accustomed to personally sharpen their knives using one of the stones of their home.[4] Accordingly, some are accustomed to eat their Shabbos meals using non-serrated knives due to the above reasons, and likewise due to reasons of Kabbalah.[5]]



One should be careful to sharpen the knives on Erev Shabbos. This is done for honor of Shabbos and for purposes of shalom bayis.

Does this law apply even today, and how practically is it to be accomplished?

Yes, the above law applies even today, and so is the custom of G-d fearing Jews. Accordingly, one should purchase a knife sharpener for the sake of fulfilling this custom on Erev Shabbos. Although the process of sharpening a knife is much simpler and easier accomplished with a non-serrated knife, it is possible to likewise sharpen a serrated knife.[6]



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