The Chabad custom of 4×4 Batim of Tefillin-Background

The measurement of the Batim-Understanding the 4×4 Chabad Batim:[1]

Letter of law: The length and width of the Batim [i.e. Ketzitza] do not have any [minimum or maximum] size.[2] [Nonetheless, one cannot make them too big that they won’t rest on the head properly, and may also not make them too small, due to the difficulty in writing such small Parshiyos.[3]] The Titura, however, has a minimum length and width of more than one fingers worth [i.e. more than 2 centimeters].[4]

Opinion of Geonim: The Geonim[5], however, state that the Bayis [i.e. Ketzitza[6]] of the Shel Rosh is to initially be 2 by 2 fingers worth [which is 4 by 4 centimeters], and the Bayis of the Shel Yad is to initially be 1 by 1 fingers worth [which is 2 by 2 centimeters], although it is not invalid if made will be less your measurement.

Final ruling and custom:[7] Practically, although the custom is not like the opinion of the Geonim[8], one is to suspect for it and do so. [Indeed, the Chabad custom is like this latter approach to make the Batim/Ketzitza 4×4 centimeters.[9] Now, although this ruling only applies to the Tefillin Shel Rosh, practically this size is followed also for the Tefillin Shel Yad.[10] This was like was the custom of other Gedolei Yisrael, and many sects of Jewry of previous times, and in fact they would wear Tefillin of even much larger size, such as 7×7 cm.[11] Practically, today, the standard size of regular Batim is 3-3.5 centimeter square for the Ketzitza, and a total of 5 by 5 centimeters with the Titura, and thus fulfills the above stringency when measured together with the Titura.[12] Standard Chabad Batim are made 4×4 centimeter for the Ketzitza, and another 1-2 centimeters for the Titura. This applies for both the Shel Yad and Shel Rosh, although some are accustomed to get a smaller size for the Shel Yad so it properly fit on the bicep of a Bar Mitzvah boy.[13]]


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