The saying of Yehalelu and Hodu Al Eretz when returning the Torah

The saying of Yehalelu and Hodu Al Eretz when returning the Torah:

A. The custom:

Yehalelu:[1] The verse of Yehalelu[2] is recited by the Chazan when the Sefer Torah is being brought to the Aron.

Hodu Al Eretz Veshamayim:[3] After the recital of Yehalelu, the congregation responds with the verse of “Hodu Al Eretz Veshamayim[4].”[5]

B. The reason behind this custom:

Some explain that these verses are recited in order to emphasize that we serve Hashem Himself and bow to Him, and not to the G-dliness in the Torah, and therefore we say “Praised be Hashem as His name is alone exalted.”[6] Alternatively, the reason is because before Matan Torah the ray of Hashem was only in Heavens, and after Matan Torah Hashem shines His ray also below on earth.[7]

C. Who is to say it-Chazan, Magbiah, or congregation:[8]

Yehalelu is meant to be said only by the Chazan [of Shacharis[9]] and then be answered by the congregation. [When the Rebbe was Chazan on Shabbos, he was accustomed to take the Sefer Torah and say Yehalelu and bring it to the Aron himself.[10] However, during the week, the Rebbe went back to the Amud and another person recited Yehlalelu and brought the Sefer Torah back to the Aron.[11] In general, the widespread custom today is for the Magbiah or another person to say Yehalelu, and not specifically the Chazan.[12] There is however no reason or source for why some of the congregation are accustomed to also say Yehalelu together with the Chazan.[13][

D. When to say Yehalelu-before or during the return of the scroll?[14]

Yehalelu and Hodu is recited prior to bringing the Sefer Torah back to the Aron, and only after it is said it is brought to the Aron.



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