Wearing gloves during Davening

Wearing gloves during Davening:[1]

One may not wear gloves while Davening [Shemoneh Esrei], as is done by travelers.[2] [If however, one is cold some Poskim[3] rule he may wear gloves to protect him from the cold. Other Poskim[4] however rule it is forbidden to wear gloves even in such a case, and so is implied from Admur.[5] Practically, if one cannot concentrate on his prayers due to the cold, then he may wear it.]


[1] Admur 91:5; M”A 91:5; Olas Tamid 91:3; Elya Raba 91:6; Bach 91; Kaf Hachaim 91:22; M”B 91:11; Ketzos Hashulchan 12:4

[2] The reason: From M”A and Admur ibid “like travelers” it is implied that the issue is because one appears like a traveler and not like a person appearing before the king. However, the Bach ibid makes no mention of this and simply writes that one who wear gloves during Davening, on him the verse says “Al Tvoeini Regel Gava, Veyad Reshaim Al Tinideini” [Bach ibid] This implies that wearing gloves is an act of haughtiness.

[3] Conclusion of Beir Moshe 4:39; Piskeiy Teshuvos 91:5

[4] Neta Shurak 6, brought in Beir Moshe ibid; See there that according to him it is better to Daven alone at home without gloves than to Daven in Shul with gloves.

[5] As M”A and Admur ibid writes the reason is because one appears like a traveler, and makes no mention of “Gava”, thus implying that even when the wearing does not involve Gava, but simply to prevent the cold, one is not to wear it. Vetzaruch Iyun.

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