Wearing red colored clothing-Part 1

Wearing red colored clothing:

Red colored clothing is forbidden to be worn [by either men or women], as they are worn by gentiles for purposes of promiscuity, [and one who wears it transgresses the prohibition of “Thou shall not go in their statutes”[1]].[2] It is likewise not befitting for modest people to wear red. [This especially applies to women, as red is a seductive color which attracts the eye of the male and leads to sin.[3]] Furthermore, there is a tradition from our ancestors to avoid wearing red colored clothing.[4] [However, some Poskim[5] are lenient today to permit men to wear red colored clothing, as it is no longer a color that is worn by gentiles, and thus is no longer included in the prohibition of “Thou shall not go in their statutes”. Practically, one is to be stringent in this matter.[6] This especially applies towards women, due to reasons of Tzenius, and so was the custom in all Frum Jewish homes, to avoid wearing any red colored clothing.[7]]


What is wrong with the color red?

Despite what we may think, colors effect our feelings and attraction. Red is a color associated with blood, and is therefore the color of Eisav and Edom, of whom the verse states “By your sword you shall live.” A Jew who wears this color is spiritually effected by it.[8] Furthermore, red represents love, romance and promiscuity, and naturally draws the attention of the male eye.[9] This is referred to as the red dress effect. Studies and social experiments performed by universities and journalists have proven that the color red attracts the eye of a man more than other colors, and can be viewed as promiscuous even by women. In one study, it was found that the vast majority of wives would not allow their husbands to chat with a woman wearing a red dress, as opposed to if the same woman was wearing another color. In another study, it was found that men who dated women who wore red felt a more promiscuous atmosphere by the date, as opposed to if the same woman wore another color. The color red shouts for attention from the onlooker, and is thus avoided by the Jewish people who are traditionally modest and avoid wearing things that seek attention of others.   




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The reason: See below for the discussion of “What is wrong with the color red”

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