What is the proper Nussach to say in Birchas Hamazon: Harachaman Hu Yishbor Ol Galus Meial Tzavareinu or Ol HaGoyim Meial Tzavareinu?

What is the proper Nussach to say in Birchas Hamazon: Harachaman Hu Yishbor Ol Galus Meial Tzavareinu or Ol HaGoyim Meial Tzavareinu?[1]

In the Harachaman’s that are recited in Birchas Hamazon, some Siddurim[2] and Benchers contain the Nussach of Ol Galus Meial Tzavareinu. Other Siddurim[3] and Benchers contain the Nussach of Ol HaGoyim Meial Tzavareinu. Although some[4] claim that the Nussach of Ol Galus was forged by the censorship, and the true Nussach is Ol HaGoyim, nevertheless, in truth both of these Nusschaos can be found in the earliest of Siddurim and Hagados, and both contain a valid tradition.[5] The reason for this is because the Nussach of Harachaman’s said in the end of Birchas Hamazon were not established by Anshei Kneses Hagedola, and hence different customs spread amongst different communities.[6]

The Chabad custom: The Nussach printed in all the original Chabad Siddurim, and majority of modern available Chabad Siddurim, is Ol Galus Meial Tzavareinu.[7] This Nussach was established by the Alter Rebbe.[8] Nonetheless, the Rebbe replied to the author of Luach Kolel Chabad that in his opinion, the Nussach of Ol HaGoyim is to be used.[9] Practically, some Chabad Rabbanim[10] promote the use of Ol HaGoyim while others[11] promote the use of the original Nussach of Ol Galus. Practically, whatever one chooses has a source and basis.

Is a Hei recited by Ol Goyim or Ol Galus: Those who recite Ol Goyim recite it with a Hei, as Ol Hagoyim.[12] Those who recite Ol Galus recite it without a Hei.[13]


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The opinion of the Rebbe Rayatz: See Igros Kodesh Rayatz printed in Sefer Haminhagim p. 22 in footnotes, that the Rebbe Rayatz used the Nussach of Ol Galus when quoting the Harachaman’s, however after looking at the original letter of the Rebbe Rayatz printed in Igros Kodesh 1:202 it is evident that this wording was not used at all, and on the contrary, the wording supports the use of Ol Goyim more than Ol HaGalus. The quoted letetr in Sefer Haminhagim was basing it on the content printed in Piskeiy Hassidur, and not based on the original letter.

[9] Reply of Rebbe printed in Shulchan Menachem 1:120, Tzadik Lamelech 7:232; Pardes Chabad 16:25“Regarding your mentioning that in Birchas Hamazon one should say Ol Hagoyim and not Ol Galus, this is likewise my opinion.” In the Siddur Rostov, bound to the back of the Chumash which the Rebbe received from the Rebbe Rayatz, and the Rebbe used for Birchas Hamazon, the words Ol HaGoyim is written on the side [It is however unknown who wrote this gloss]

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Sources with Nussach without Hei: The following Siddurim record Ol Goyim without a Hei: Siddur Yaavetz; .

[13] So is Nussach in Siddur Rav Shabsi; Siddur Otzer Hatefilos; Siddur Torah Or; All Chabad Siddurim; Hagadah of Rebbe; Maaneh of Rebbe

Sources with Nussach with Hei: In the story recorded of the Alter Rebbe it states Ol Hagalus with a Hei.

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