Women wearing socks/stockings

Women wearing socks/stockings:[1]

It is forbidden for men to learn Torah or Daven opposite a woman’s legs [literally, Shoka] as the legs are considered an area of privacy by a woman, and is therefore an Erva to be revealed. [It is therefore necessary for women and girls to cover their legs when they are in view of other men.[2]]

Definition of Shoka/legs and what area of the legs must be covered: The term Shoka in modern Hebrew is translated today as the leg, or shinbone, and reaches up until the ankle. However, the Halachic definition of this term is obscure and hence disputed amongst Poskim.[3] Some Poskim[4] learn that the Shoka includes the entire leg, from her thighs all the way down to the toes on her feet, and thus, it is forbidden for men to learn and pray in sight of these revealed areas, and consequently women must be modest to cover these areas. Other Poskim[5] however learn that the Shoka only includes the legs up until the ankle, while the actual feet are not included, and do not have to be covered. Other Poskim[6] rule that the Shoka only includes the thighs, until the knees, while from the knees and down is not included, and does not need to be covered in areas that are not accustomed to do so. Practically, majority of Poskim[7] negate the latter opinions, and rule that even the feet must be covered in all areas, and so is the implied opinion of Admur[8], and so is the custom amongst all Chareidi Jewry and one may not be lenient in this matter.[9] Furthermore, even according to the lenient opinions, in an area that the custom is to be stringent, they too agree that one must be stringent and abide by these forms of modesty.[10]]

See through socks/stockings:[11] If a woman is wearing sheer clothing [i.e. see-through] and her flesh is visible through it, it is forbidden to learn and Daven in her presence, just as is the law if she was not covering it at all. [See Q&A for how many denier is defined as valid and not see through]


According to majority of Poskim, and the ruling of Admur, women and girls are required to cover their legs and feet with socks/stockings when out in public or in the presence of other men. Even those who are lenient to not cover the feet and/or legs, must cover it when in a community that is stringent. It is forbidden for a man to learn Torah or Daven in the presence of woman whose legs are uncovered.


How are the legs to be covered?

The area of the legs that are below the knees may be covered with stockings and are not required to be covered with a skirt.[12] However, from the knees and above must be covered with a skirt, even if one is wearing stockings that cover this area.[13] The knees must remain covered even when sitting.[14]


How many deniers should the stockings be?[15]

It is forbidden to wear in the presence of men transparent stockings that allow the skin to be seen.[16] Therefore, according to the stringent opinion above and the ruling of Admur that the legs must be covered, the stockings must be dense enough to cover all the skin, and opaque enough to block sight of the legs. In terms of deniers, this would match a very high number, such as 70/80, and would not allow skin color stockings.[17] Practically, while some Chassidic communities follow this ruling[18], the majority of Jewry is accustomed to allow the wearing of even lesser dense stockings that are skin color.[19] The reason for this is because even skin color stockings blur the sight of the actual skin, and this suffices in this regard.[20] The accustomed Rabbinical directive is to wear no less than 40+ deniers.[21] However, some are lenient to wear even 20 denier. Seemingly however, this is invalid according to the stringent opinion, and ruling of Admur.


From what age are girls to begin careful to wear socks?

Girls must begin to be careful to cover their legs starting from three years of age.[22] One should not be oppressive about this and should speak in a pleasant way.[23]


May one walk around without socks in the summer?

There is no leniency given in this regard in the summer versus the winter. Nevertheless, in the privacy of one’s home, when men are not present, it is permitted to walk without socks.[24] Even so, it is a Midas Chassidus to dress modestly even within the privacy of one’s home, and doing so merits having good children who follow the path of Torah and Mitzvos.[25]

May one be lenient to walk around at home without socks?[26]

If there are men in the area, including a father or brother, then one is not to do so. If, however, there are no men at home, then from the letter of the law one may be lenient. A wife may likewise be lenient to walk in front of her husband without socks at times that she is not a Nidda. [Nevertheless, it is an act of piety for a woman to follow all codes of modesty even when she is alone at home and by doing so one merits having special and G-d fearing children.[27]]

If one is wearing a long skirt that reaches her ankles, must she still wear stockings?[28]

No. If, however, the skirt lifts up when she sits or bends and her skin can be seen then knee high stockings are to be worn.

Letter of Rabbi Chadakov:

The following is a letter sent by Rabbi Chaim Mordechai Chadakov, director of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch, to Camp “Gan Israel” in Kfar Chabad, headed by the renowned Chossid Rabbi Itchke Gansbourg OBM, in 5733 (1973). The letter deals with the Tznius of the girls in camp.

Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch




BH, 9th of Tamuz 5733

Brooklyn, NY


To the Management of the girls camp

Kfar Chabad


Peace and blessings!


We have received a startling rumor today about what happened during last year’s summer girls camp, that although the general conduct in camp was extremely satisfactory, and left a good impression on the campers, the management did not properly pay attention to their essential education with regard to Tznius. As an example they cite the fact that the girls did not refrain from going barefoot, not only on camp property but also as they walked around Kfar Chabad.


According to the above rumor, in addition to the problem with this conduct, this rumor has spread to a certain extent among the parents, many of which come from Chareidi homes, and who teach in Chareidi schools throughout the year.


And when such a rumor reaches these circles, it is clearly a Chilul Hashem. And there is no doubt that it also affects their general attitude towards our institutions, and specifically to send their daughters and students to our summer camps (and of course, it has an effect when they decide which high school they will attend, and so when they graduate from other classes).


We hurry to inform you about this rumor, and ask you to notify us immediately how real it is. In any case, this year you will certainly be careful in the conduct of Tznius, that is should be at the highest levels until there shouldn’t remain even a suspicion. And furthermore, that the camp will have a positive effect on the campers in camp, that they should behave appropriately as it befits a daughter of Israel, and they should have a positive effect among the girls whom they are around during the year.


Hoping for good news,


Wishing All The Good Forever,


Rabbi Chaim Mordechai Aizik Chadakov



As it is customary by us in regards to confidential letters, please return to us this letter after reading it.


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