Yawning, burping and sneezing during Davening

Yawning and burping during Davening:[1] 

One may not burp[2] or yawn[3] during Shemoneh Esrei. If one willingly burps or yawns during Shemoneh Esrei he is from amongst the haughty individuals.[4] If one gets the urge to yawn [and is unable to control it[5]], then he is to place his hand over his mouth, in order so his open mouth not be apparent to others.[6] [According to some Poskim[7], the same applies if one has the urge to burp and is unable to control it, that he is to place his hand over his mouth. Other Poskim[8] however rule that by a burp, one is not required to cover his mouth.[9] Practically, one is to be stringent.[10]]


Sneezing during Davening:[11]

One who sneezes during Shemoneh Esrei, it is a good sign for him.[12] [Nonetheless, it is common etiquette to always cover one’s mouth upon sneezing.[13]]



One is not to yawn or burp during Davening, and if he feels an urge to do so, he is to cover his mouth.



May one burp or yawn in the parts of Davening that precede Shemoneh Esrei?

The above prohibition against burping or yawning is in reference to Shemoneh Esrei. There is no recorded prohibition do so during other parts of Davening, even though it may not be appropriate.


Does one need to cover his mouth during a yawn or burp if he is Davening in private?[14]



May one continue saying the words in middle of yawning?[15]



Which hand is one to use to cover his mouth?

Some[16] say he is to use his right hand.



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